Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Teresa Heinz-Kerry: What the Fuck?!
From this week's Time Magazine:

Teresa: When I was in Switzerland in college, my budget was $250 a month for everything, and I managed fine.

TIME: What did you have to do without?

Teresa: For instance, one day a week I would not eat protein because I needed to buy a flower in the middle of winter. I would have to buy a rose or something that would take me to the outdoors.

What the f@ck?!


Anonymous said...

Hey man, maybe she's all seasonal affective disorder and shit, and without that flower she'd have gotten naked in a bathtub and doused her self with catsup. Or something.
- Pencopal

The Corsair said...

Hi Pencopal! I love me my Teresa Heinz-Kerry crezzy reports. She's smart, but God -- she has got to follow the script! I could do a whole blog on the crazy things she says.