Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Ha Mavin, Yavin
First Lenny Kravitz and Denzel Washington's new club was named after a Persian slang word for pussy. Now, mirabile dictu, Madonna has taken to singing in another Near Eastern Language, namely, Yiddish, according to The Sun:
"(Madonna) has taken to singing in Yiddish, an ancient German-based language used by Jews.

"... It�s another departure from the mainstream for Madge � or Esther as she prefers her friends to call her now she�s gone over to the Jewish sect.

"The first people to be subjected to Madge�s attempt at singing in the native tongue of her new religion were a small crowd of partygoing, rock �n� roll rabbis.

"A source at the party said: 'Madonna was performing for Kabbalah guru Phillip Berg at his house in New York.

"She performed two songs in Yiddish in front of 50 or so guests. The staff working at the party were baffled when she took to the stage. I think most people were expecting her to belt out one of her big Top Ten hits.  It was a really odd spectacle watching Madonna launch into some Yiddish tunes.

"Now there is talk the Queen Of Pop may release a song with Yiddish lyrics in it.

"Oh dear God, please, NO. "

That last sentence is editorial on behalf of the Sun, but The Corsair does not entirely disagree.
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