Friday, July 09, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Last Night's Kerry gala at Radio City Music Hall was very "in"; both Gawker and Wonkette had deep-undercover operatives on hand (I'd tell you their names, but then I'd have to kill you) that give their penetrating sociological analysis of the event in question. From Wonkette:

"Just arrived at the Kerry-Edwards gala circle jerk at Radio City Music Hall. Crowd is a mix of high-toned Hamptons crowd discussing real estate and melanomas, and young 20-something staffers and professionals in business garb talking animatedly about Edwards and "energy." And college-aged cute things who surely didn't pay their way in. A lot of people seem to think that everyone should know them, but nobody does. (The threshold for "famous-for-New-York being somewhat higher than for DC equivalents.) Seen no genuine celebs yet."

Seems the genuine celebs and jet set swishy folk were all over at Jean Paul Gaultiers F/W Haute Couture show in Paris. Gawker on the lack of genuine celebs:

"If a terrorist had taken a giant flamethrower to Radio City Hall tonight, there would have been no B-List celebrities left in New York. It really made you realize that no one famous lives in this town anymore, and with presenters like Jessica Lange ... and Chevy Chase (who was straining to see the teleprompter; he looked very confused) this idea was further re-inforced.

" ... The Douche of the Night was Jason Binn. He's about as tall as a jar of Icy-Hot and looks like a fig with a facelift. He was affixed to Arianna Huffington all night, who was in turn affixed to Tina Brown and Fisher Stevens. TWICE in the lobby I saw Huffington make like she was ditching Binn, only to have the little spermatazoa literally yell out "Arianna," (the first time), and when she left with Fisher, "Fisher!!!" This second time Binn was talking to a group of over-tanned buttheads who were just waiting for their car to the Hamptons, but the group quickly proceeded to mock him as he ran after Arianna like the pathetic Heather he is.

Out: Chris Gore of IFC TV's Ultimate Film Fanatic. I just don't like his face. It's part chemical, part playa hating with me: he really makes me want to throw down. Anyhoo, Indiwire writes:

"Chris Gore of Film Threat fame is the show's host, and tells indieWIRE he's qualified to host a film trivia TV show because 'I can read at a 6th grade level and I can deliver lines from cue cards really well. Also, I have mastered the art of walking to a piece of tape on the floor and stopping precisely where the tape is placed.'

"Gore also doesn't mind hanging out with the show's esteemed panelists, including former porn star Traci Lords and Kevin Smith sidekick Jason Mewes. ('Jason Mewes began passing dirty notes and horribly obscene drawings during breaks in the show,' Gore tells indieWIRE. 'All I could think to myself, as any film geek might, is what they would fetch if they were sold on eBay.')

Can I punch him out now? (The Corsair gets "punchy," doing fancy footwork, while simultaneously throwing powerful overhand rights and complex combination shots with the hand not holding the 3/4s-full glass of The Cutty Sark) You know, really show him what the frequency is (The Corsair lunges at the screen).

In: Rock and roll coochie coo. (link via stereogum, it's his fault, so blame him)

Out: Ah, a day in the life of Haley Binn, wife of The Jason, according to Fashionweekdaily:

"Jason and I arrive at the Bulgari luncheon at the Hotel Jerome. I�?m wearing Trish of Capri sandals, Theory pants, an Izod shirt, and my Blinde sunglasses. Let�?s see who�?s here�?you�?ve got 20 fabulous ladies of Aspen, Bill and Kristen Bellamy, Tommy Davidson, and, of course, Nick Warnock (from 'The Apprentice'), who now works for Jason. Even Francois Kress, the managing director of Bulgari, flew in for this event! It was a lot of fun. We all went around the table and introduced ourselves and said why we love Aspen. Bill and Tommy both told funny stories of their first encounters with Jason."

Oh Lord, had Haley dropped one more name, I might have passed out from the altitude. You see, Dear Haley is the Sir Edmund Hillary of Social Climbing

Out: Daniel Libeskind, the architect who wanted too much, in a Gawker Stalker sighting:

"July 4, corner of Canal and Thompson, who should bounce around the corner that World Trade Center development project architect Daniel Libeskind, presumably returning from that morning's ground breaking. (Just caught a very quick glimpse, but how many spikey-haired, nerdy-glasses-ed German-looking guys wearing all black on a 90 degree day could there be?)"

Only an architect, kiddies, only an architect.

In: UberWaif Kate Bush. Big Boi's favorite artist is Kate Bush. Pink loves Kate Bush. Everyone who loves music loves Kate Bush but we are all afraid to say it out loud. Why? I'm going to say it for anyone that has ever been afraid to put it on the boom box and play it out loud and proud: When The Corsair wants to crawl into that special emotional space he puts on his Kate Bush, and cuddles with his Pound Puppy. So there.

Out: Rupert Murdoch, according to Paul Colford of the Post rival NY Daily News, who himself reports on an article in Post rival the The Old Gray Lady (It's confusing to all of us):

"Media mogul Rupert Murdoch himself was behind the New York Post's Dick Gephardt-for-veep fiasco, according to a published report.

"A day after Murdoch responded to the gaffe that made global headlines by saying 'Everybody made a mistake,' the New York Times reported last night that it was the big boss who came up with the elusive exclusive.

"An anonymous Post employee told the Times that Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of the Post's parent company News Corp., called in the tip at about 10 p.m. Monday night, between the first and second editions.

"City Desk editor Mike Hechtman took the feed, weaving it into a front page exclusive, sans byline, on Kerry's pick of the Missouri congressman as his vice presidential running mate, said the report posted on the Times Web site."

In: Dana Milbank's chat at (link via Romenesko) yielded an interesting riff on why George Bush doesn't give a fuck about African-American preachers:

"Rockville, Md.: What is your analysis of the President's refusal to address the NAACP convention?

"Dana Milbank: Before he took office, Bush made clear that he was trying to circumvent the traditional civil rights establishment in favor of new black leaders, particularly religious ones, who shared his conservative views on social policy and favored school vouchers, etc. He's also visited milder groups such as the Urban League. This strategy of avoiding the traditional civil rights crowd has not gone very well for him, but neither is there much to be gained by drawing a hostile reception from the NAACP."

Out: Amish in the City, according to the AP:

"A reality TV series about Amish teenagers exploring the world beyond their community and faith will debut this month despite protests by members of Congress.

"'Amish in the City' begins with a special two-hour episode July 28, the UPN network announced Thursday."

The men's "beard without the moustache" and the women's "long sleeves, no skirt and severe bun hairdo" should play just suuuper on the Top Model network?

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