Thursday, July 22, 2004

Ice T: 'I Don't Want to Eat Dog Shit' 
From Elemental Magazine, Issue 59:

"There was ... a rumor about Ice (T)  making an appearance on Celebrity Fear Factor?

"'I was at a party with the President of NBC.' he recalls, 'he's like the big pimp, he controls everything. I'm telling him I like Fear Factor.' He was like 'Would you like to do Fear Factor?' I'm talking all this shit, I'm like 'Hell yeah, I'll do it.' Within a week the phone rang. My boy answered the phone and was like 'Yo, Ice, they are calling about Fear Factor.' I was like 'Oh my God, I can't go on Fear Factor, I might go out in the first round. 'Plus, I dont want to eat dog shit. I was like, 'Nah, I got a back problem.' Really just truly bitched out on that one.'"

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