Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Michael Douglas' Brother Found Dead

Sure, Catherine Zeta Jones' endlessly flowing rubies and emeralds make a swell story, and Michael Douglas' battle with sex addiction has been well chronicled, but there is a darker side to being one of the lesser luminaries of the Douglas clan, as Hello! Magazine tells us, sadly:

"One of America's most celebrated showbiz dynasties is in mourning after Eric Douglas was found dead in New York. The body of Kirk Douglas' youngest son was discovered in a Manhattan apartment after an unidentified individual flagged down a passing police car.

"The cause of death remains unknown, but 46-year-old Eric had a long history of substance abuse and police at the scene said they believed drugs were involved. Over the years the stand-up comedian had repeated clashes with the law and spent time in rehabilitation clinics."

May he finally find the rest he searched for in this life.

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