Friday, July 09, 2004

Senator Mike Ditka?!

According to the Hill's Patrick O'Connor:

"In the wake of Steve Rauschenberger�s withdrawal from the Illinois Senate race, former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka has surfaced as a favorite of many Hill and state Republicans, according to interviews with GOP members and staff in Illinois and Washington."

The Corsair sighs with melancholy and gives up on the possibility of electing a black Senator in 2004.

"The Super Bowl-winning coach and Hall-of-Fame player is a Chicago icon whose name identification and stature would make him a well-known, if inexperienced, candidate in the race to replace Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R), who is stepping down at the end of this legislative session.

The Corsair landed a super secret interview with Da Coach (wink, wink), that he wants to share with you, true believers:

The Corsair: So, let's say that the way this plays out is victory. What Senate Committees would you be interested in serving on?

Mike Ditka: Da Budget.

The Corsair: What places in Illinois are you looking forward to campaign in?

Ditka: Decatur

The Corsair: And what's your campaign slogan?

Ditka: Da Coach.

The Corsair: Beverage of choice?

Ditka: Da beer.

The Corsair: Favorite existentialist phrase?

Ditka: Dasein.

The Corsair: Favorite artistic movement?

Ditka: Dada.

The Corsair: Favorite grocery store?

Ditka: D'agostino's

The Corsair: Thank you

Ditka: Dan' mention it.

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