Monday, July 19, 2004

Bill Clinton's Life  
The Corsair has read Bill Clinton's autobiography, and he liked it (although Clinton's quixotic digression on voodoo and zombies in Haiti made for disturbing nighttime reading) . New York's Deborah Schoeneman chronicles some of New York's power players on whether or not they had:  
"Bill Clintons 957-page bestseller, My Life, may be holding down every coffee table in Manhattan, but that doesnt mean anyones actually reading it ... Kevin Bacons not sure hell get around to it. 'Id love to, but Im dyslexic and reading is hard for me,' he says."  
Which may or may not be just  Much Ado About Nothing, or, in fact, it may explain Kevin's rather fast and footloose relationship to the concept ot Time, as The New York Daily News' Rush and Molloy relate today (3rd item):  
"It's gratifying to see that Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have marital spats over things like clothes and punctuality, just like plain folks. '
"Sedgwick was alone, looking at her watch and tapping her stilettos just before the start of 'Much Ado About Nothing' in Central Park last week when Bacon tore up at the last minute.
"Sedgwick sliced and diced her hubby - and 'Cavedweller' co-star - right in front of big-eared photographers: She didn't like his timing, and she didn't like his outfit, sources report.
"They then forced smiles for the cameras and hurried in."  
New York's Schoeneman continues in her quest -- like Diogenes -- to find an honest Clinton bio reader, no such luck with the grumpy and recently bitchslapped critic Dale Peck:  
"Critic Dale Peck has no plans to pick it up: 'I dont know a soul whos read it, or even expressed interest in reading it.'  
Finally:   "Mort Zuckerman was the only person we could track down who had finished the opus, and only because he had to review it. He calls it 'the most self-indulgent book I have ever read.'"          

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