Thursday, July 08, 2004

NY Times Op Ed Bashes Bill Cosby

The Cos takes a bit of a bitchslapping in the mush mouth from the Op Ed page of The New York Times today. Barbara Ehrenreich writes for vacationing Thomas Friedman:

"It was such a dog-bites-man story that I almost skipped right by: Billionaire Bashes Poor Blacks. The only thing that gave this particular story a little piquancy is that the billionaire doing the bashing is black himself. Bill Cosby has been attacking the poor of his race, and especially the youthful poor, for a range of sins, including using bad words, 'stealing poundcake,' 'giggling' and failing to give their children normal names like 'Bill.' 'The lower-economic people,' Cosby announced, 'are not holding up their end in this deal.'"

Crazy, I can't believe the creator of Wierd Harold actually used the term "the lower-economic people" in the perjorative. Dooood (Averted gaze). Babs continues:

"They let me down, too, sometimes � like that girl at Wendy's who gave me sweet iced tea when I had clearly specified unsweetened. She looked a little tired, but, as Cos might point out: How hard can it be to hold a job, go to high school and care for younger siblings in all your spare moments while your parents are at work?"

Ouch, the beating continues, with studied and beautiful Thai kicks:

"But it's just so 1985 to beat up on the black poor. During the buildup to welfare 'reform' in 1996, the comfortable denizens of think spas like the Heritage Foundation routinely excoriated poor black women for being lazy, promiscuous, government-dependent baby machines, not to mention overweight (that poundcake again). As for poor black youth, they were targeted in the 90's as a generation of 'superpredators,' gang-bangers and thugs.

"It's time to start picking on a more up-to-date pariah group for the 21st century, and I'd like to nominate the elderly whites."

Hear-hear, Barbara Ehrenreich, you're on the right wavelength, girlfriend: I mean, there are lots of elderly whites hogging the Enteman's Pound Cakes, many of whom defend the Saudi Royal Family:

Grover Norquist ... Grover Norquist ... talk about poundcakes ... Norquists got em.

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