Monday, July 26, 2004

Brandy Never Married?
Today the always excellent Rush and Molloy (3rd item down) excavate the murky depths of formerly sqeaky-clean singer Brandy's life, and come up with a shocker:

"R&B star Brandy is laying low now that the man she said was her husband is claiming they never were married."

The Corsair's curiosity is piqued as he sips, slowly, from his "icy" pimp goblet.

"Two years ago, Brandy and music producer Robert Smith went on Oprah to announce they'd secretly wed in 2001. But Smith said on WBLS-FM last week that they'd made up the marriage story to protect Brandy's wholesome image, because she was pregnant with their daughter, Sy'rai, now 2.

"Brandy, who has said they were 'divorced' last year, doesn't deny Smith's tale, but she did say in a statement: 'I'm deeply hurt and shocked by the things that Robert has been saying. We had a spiritual union.

"'He is not thinking about [Sy'rai], me or what we had together. He is trying to destroy my reputation, while using me and our daughter to get publicity and radio airplay for his artists. I am stunned that he is being so dirty about it.'"

Fellow gossip archaeologists also excavate and finds these chestnuts:

"Smith was a guest on the 'Moment of Truth,' a feature of 'The Wendy Williams Experience,' broadcast weekdays from 3 to 5 p.m. on Power 99, WUSL-FM, when he dropped the bombshell that he and Brandy were never married.

"... He said Brandy was his 'jump-off' chick and that he was still seeing another woman, who is now seven months pregnant. This other woman, a film producer, Smith says, will remain anonymous.

"Smith told Williams it was Sonia Norwood, Brandy's mom/manager, who cooked up the idea to play house to protect Brandy's then-wholesome image. Brandy was pregnant with Smith's child, and it just wouldn't do for the young songstress to be an unwed mother, Smith says, so they simply pretended to be married.

"He reportedly had Sy'rai with him at the station when he said all this, so we're guessing Brandy did not know he was going to discuss what he called the 'real version vs. the MTV version.' You must remember this: MTV did a huge splash on Brandy and Robert getting married and 'having their baby.'"

Say it aint so, Mo.

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