Friday, July 30, 2004

Ben Affleck Watch

According to The Boston Globe, or, as they call it there there, "the Bahrston Globe," (okay, bot my best stuff, but that's what you get for expecting me to be funny on Friday, procrastinating, with work deadlines looming like Michael Jackson at a puppet show)

The Affleck, The Globe tells us, has special dietary needs:

"Chef Gabriel Frasca prepared a special dinner for Affleck: rosemary chicken with seasonal roasted vegetables prepared without oil, because Affleck is trying to be healthy, he told the staff."

And, no, Ben Affleck did not say to Frasca, "Now go get me some Cambodian Breast Milk." That simply did not happen, no matter what Matt Drudge says.

God bless The Globe, which, quite frankly, rocked with it's Convention and party coverage. They really deserve some Pulitzers thrown their way.

According to the AP (2nd story), The Affleck attended the damp Chili Peppers concert sponsored by The Creative Coalition and the Recording Industry Association of America, but " ... Ben Affleck made a heavily escorted escape after the concert was done."

And BoiFromTroy, filling in for Wonkette, who is doing th MTV Choose or Lose gig, posted this item on The Affleck, Leo and P Diddy. No doubt "world domination" was mentioned, as is wont to happen when two Scorpios (Diddy and Leo) and a Leo (Affleck), sit around hatching plans.

Finally, Reliable Sources notes, "(at )GQ magazine's impossibly crowded party for San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom ... Fire marshals repeatedly threatened to shut down the party, thrown in a restaurant that held only 240, while rained-upon mortals -- assured they were on the guest list -- waited grousing outside as the likes of Arianna Huffington were swept inside. Seems hoi polloi had to be patient until the boldfacers within (including political offspring Kristin and Karenna Gore, Cate Edwards and Andrew Cuomo) exited and made space. 'I'm terribly, horribly sorry,' a PR rep kept apologizing, 'but a lot of people in there want to talk to Ben Affleck.'"

Damned cheek! One doesn't simply call him Ben (Averted gaze). That's "The Affleck," to you, sirrah, or it will be drawn ancient pistols at noon!

And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is The Week That Was Affleck.

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