Friday, July 30, 2004

Quentin, Michael Madsen, Syringes, Lots of Ass

From a rather disturbing interview with Michael Madsen in Independent Film Quarterly, Issue 7. This throws some light -- of the scarlet variety, frankly -- on the scene in Hollywood, on those who want fame, what they are willing to do for some immortality, and the gatekeepers who dispense with that immortality as they please. Funny and sad all at the same time:

IFQ: Can you talk about the wild times with (Quentin) Tarantino on the set (of Kill Bill: Volume II)?

Michael Madsen: I don't know if we had wild times. We had good times. Quentin likes to laugh a lot. He's a great laugh. Like the night we did the syringe shot in the butt. I'd never seen so many volunteers in my whole life! Every single woman on that set wanted to be the inserted ass. They were lined up and one by one they'd lay down and I'd shoot them in the ass. (It's for the scene where Michael's character shoots Uma's character in the butt before he buries her alive in a coffin) Quentin was like, 'Let me do it. I want to do it!' Now he's putting the syringe in the butt shot. We must have done 20 different women for the butt shot! Everybody wanted to do it. I think that's Quentin's hand in the movie because I had done about six of them, and I was like, I'm going to my trailer. He spent the rest of the night out there injecting! Next. Next. Next. This side. That looks good. He got that from me because the first time we did the scene, I slapped her on the butt, and then I gave her the shot."


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