Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Christina Applegate on Ben Affleck's "Stuff"

It appears that "the little white haired girl" from Fox's Married with Children is all grown up, and, uh, comfortable with Ben Affleck's "saucy" behavior.

From Hollywood Life, July-August 2004 :

Hollywood Life: You have two indies coming out--Employee of the Month and Grand Theft Parsons -- both of which played this year at Sundance. Be honest. How much free merchandise did you get for just showing up at the festival?

Applegate: It's so sick. We had to get an extra bag because the swag was unbelievable. The best thing we got was a 40 inch flat screen tv ...

(The interview is interrupted when the song 'Milkshake' starts playing on Applegate's cell phone)

HL: How hard is it not to start dancing when your phone rings?

Applegate: I always do. I have a lot of different rings. My husband's (Ed Note: Jonathan Schaech) is 'Lips Like Sugar' by Echo and the Bunnymen.

HL: That makes sense ... what is it like working with Ben Affleck on Surviving Christmas?

Applegate: He's very silly on set. I just wanted him to be quiet so I could work. There's something specific he did that made me laugh but it would ruin his reputation.

HL: If I gave you a flat-screen tv would you tell me?

Applegate: (Laughs) OK, they were doing an insert shot of a briefcase or something, and Ben just decided to put his "stuff" on the briefcase. He would always do things like that: mooning, sticking his tongue in the director's ear. He's very goofy. I just admire him.

I've heard of junk in the trunk, but junk on the briefcase?! Actually, The Corsair tried to be goofy like this at another job's Christmas party but, unfortunately, as he was not an A-Lister, he was charged with sexual harrassment and a restraining order was issued. What can I say? Mi vida loca.

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Anonymous said...

i wonder if she got a look at that hairy back -Case

The Corsair said...

eeew, I'm sure some of it peeked out as he was mooning the entire set.

Anonymous said...

So Bennifer makes better sense now. What a charmer.