Monday, April 06, 2009

The Exquisite Decline Of Rudy Giuliani

(image via newsday)

There will be blood! Glorious was the magnificent flame-out of Rudy Giuliani (The Corsair sips a peppery cognac). The political capital he gained for his national performance on September 11th as "America's Mayor" was spent, brutally, in the Florida's primary (Governor Charlie Crist double crossed the over-ambitious bastard, instead endorsing McCain, leaving his deluded supporters "visibly shaken"). Post-September 11, America almost entirely forgot the ham-fistedness in which Rudy served as the elected occupant of Gracie Mansion. The marital ugliness. His ignorance of Art (Dramatically-feigned coughing). The Disney-fication of the city (denuding Gothy-Gotham of glorious Edge). The racist cop riot. The estrangement from his kids. That was then.

Now, as the economy teeters Rudy Giuliani's thumoeideutic firm is in trouble. Pure hubris; poor ass. "Giggliani" always desired to be some sort of a compact combination of Churchill and Kissinger (Kissinger Associates, by contrast, aint doing too bad). But did the chattering class -- Chris Matthews, most prominently -- ever figure that a Mayor with no foreign policy experience in a time of war had a fucking chance at becoming President of these United States. Now, after his filthy "comm-yeew-nity organizer" coded hate-speech at the Republican National Convention (Averted Gaze), we laugh, roasting chestnuts at the unholy bonfire that is Giuliani's spectacular decline.

So -- how does an hubristic punk like Rudy revitalize himself? With a mock-run, according to Cindy Adams' sources. Are the political overtures and social forays merely feints? From Cindy:

"POLITICAL pros say: Rudy, who's been very quiet lately, will make the run for governor. But whether the presidential campaign dampened him or he's reading polls, who knows? What they say they know is, he'll do all the paperwork, make all the moves, gather all the groups, get all the p.r., make all the statements, fund raise, file, flap around -- but . . . won't . . . run. They say he needs to create buzz around himself. To help himself in person, in general and in business in particular. They say."

Good old "SchadenfRUDY," part the second. Dear reader, this is going to be glorious.

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