Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kathy Lee Gifford: "Kristen Wiig Sent Me A Big Bouquet Of Flowers"

(image via buzznet)

Kathy Lee Gifford appeared on Leonard Lopate's WNYC program this morning plugging her new book "Just When I thought I'd Dropped My Last Egg."

Gifford feels that the entertainment business -- and the world -- is more geared towards women who are still ovulating, and not towards the menopausal who still have much to contribute. On Kathy Lee's brush with being at the center of America's gossip conversation, the Today Show's 4th hour co-host said: "Page Six wasn't the problem, but the rags ..." And of her husband, the former football great: "(Frank Gifford) is a wonderful man who at one point in his life did a stupid thing ... in life what you learn to do is get a perspective on things."

Kathy Lee was quite animated when asked about the Saturday Night Live spoofs of her and her co-host Hoda Kotb: "Nobody believes this but I don't watch these things" Further: "Kristen Wiig sent me a big bouquet of flowers and invited me to lunch saying I'm a big fan, let's do lunch .."

How is Hoda Kotb handling co-hosting with Gifford? "Hoda's always been a very serious, accomplished kind of journalist and all of a sudden she passes by a construction site and (they) call out 'hey, Hoda woman!'"

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