Monday, April 27, 2009

Seth MacFarlane: Family Guy Costs About $2 Million An Episode

(image via fastcompany)

Chris Rock famously quipped of proto-indie hit The Blair Witch Project, "I heard the budget was $3000. Where DID they spend the money?" Similarly, one might wonder how millions of dollars go into an animated series. Seth MacFarlane, 37, television's highest paid writer/producer was on the Howard Stern show talking about money and his animation projects with Fox. From Gather:

"Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and American Dad was a guest today on Howard Stern. MacFarland is an Emmy Award-winning animator and voices most of the characters for his wildly popular television shows.

"Seth MacFarlane has been a guest the Stern crew has been trying to book for years, and the whole studio was thrilled to have him there. Howard asked MacFarlane about how he started out and then found success in the world of animation. Seth spoke a little about his most recent deal with Fox which makes him the highest paid television writer and producer in history. He didn't go into details on exactly how much he makes, but he was admittedly very satisfied (if not somewhat surprise) by his huge paycheck.

"While on the subject of money, Howard asked what it costs to make Family Guy? Seth said costs about 2-million an episode. He said American Dad is about one million per episode. (Surprising, right?)"

Fast Company broke down McFarlane's billions last fall.

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