Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shia LeBoef To Star In Wall Street 2

We are not big fans of bloated Boomer filmmaker Oliver Stone. He rarely gets "moral outrage" right -- perhaps because he himself is fundamentally an amoral, gelatanous slice of beef (Dry cough suggesting feigned detachment)? And yet he persists in making movies in which he, the director, lectures us, the viewers, on his moral outrage at the trajectory of our society. That having been said, Stone's Wall Street was a near-perfect movie. It captured the thumotic excesses and materialistic filthiness of the 80s in a way that only perhaps Less Than Zero matches. He's revisiting the story to parallel the present age and we couldn't be happier. From Variety:

"After weeks of rumors, 20th Century Fox has set Oliver Stone to return as helmer of the sequel to his 1987 hit 'Wall Street.' Shia LaBeouf is also in the mix for 'Wall Street 2.'

"LaBeouf is negotiating to join Michael Douglas, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Gordon Gekko in the original pic. The sequel will once again involve a young Wall Street trader, and the recent economic meltdown spurred by rampant greed and corruption will fit prominently into the plot.

"Allan Loeb will write the script. Edward R. Pressman is back as producer."

Does Gekko use the time in the pokey to do good? We look forward to see how the pseudo-Alexandrian Stone, a Boomer ruling class chronicler, continues that prescient story, 22 years later.

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