Thursday, April 23, 2009

Courtney Love: "You Cant Have My Suzy Creamcheese"

(image via robertlindsley)

She wants to be the girl with the most cake. Crazy Tweeter Courtney Love -- and we are something of an amateur "Courtneyologist" -- is up-and-at-'em again, texting her random thoughts, revealing disturbing things (intervention, please?). So far this is what she's tweeted:

"getting out of this house, renting furnished Mary Pickford's after she divorced my Great Uncle, i decided to tap into the Ullman/Fairbanks spirit considerong we are recording at what used to be United Artists started by him, Pickford and Chaplin, looking for a little Bungalow. in hollywood where we can continue to sew and make the line and samples for the line, itll be sute w a n orange tree and lace curtains. peaches Geldolf just raided well i sih she had just raided my closets LADIES I AM HAVING AN ANTIQUE I MEAN EXQUISITE GALLE< MAJORELLE RUHL. MAN, GOTHIC HIGH END ASIAN TENSUS AND HUGH END CHINOSERIE plus endless Prada, Gucci from Tom Fords first to this season, Versace. from the mini skirt i got paid 180l to wear to Couture pieces to antique dresses that ill m,ake you CRY to Rick Chanel 96/09 Dolce. and i repeat antique pieces that will make you CRY westwood, sale, obtuse designers who are all brilliant, Burberry, It Bags from then tiln. Now sale, EVERYTHING GOES that doesnt fit my vision board, we are moving to NYC and there is 5000 sqaure feet of this shit. i have a stack of pencil skirts to my ASS, westwood to Berardi, a stack of secretalarl length skirta to my boobs, 38.39 40 Laboutins and ... you cant have my Suzy Creamcheese ..."

You cant have my Suzy Creamcheese, indeed. There is almost a fevered poetry to her madness. Intervention, anyone?

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