Friday, April 10, 2009

This Man Got A Chrysler Endorsement? WTF?!

Can you believe Snoop Dogg actually endorsed Chrysler? Then again, considering their business acumen in the last half decade, it is not that much of a stretch. Questions:

-- Does Snoop Dogg need to wear an Obama shirt when does his smokeables?

-- I guess that "quitting pot" thing didn't take? We won't entertain the possibility that it was all about getting that "A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie" cameo ... (Averted Gaze)

-- Does he worry that Charles Schultz is spinning in his grave at what is being done to his affable Beagle's name?

Just asking.


Kelly said...

Killer post. Not happy with Snoop referencing President Obama -- at all! Luckily he (Obama) is far too serious and intelligent to ever have Snoop bring down his credibility.

The same thing could not be said for our former prez... :) Have a great weekend!

Ron said...

totally agreed, Kelly.