Thursday, April 16, 2009

Courtney Love: Ed Norton Is A Sexist In His Heart

(image via bdbphotos)

This blogger is presently trying to untangle all "the crazy" embroidered into the torrential prose Courtney Love is Tweeting right now. Not easy. Apparently poor Ed Norton, who used to date Court Love (but should have known better), is included in on her rant. Here's some of it:

" Ive never stolen, i have all thie rmothers maidens and ssns from my taxes but i would never ever go darth, im just not a darth gal tho looking at the wedding ring engagemnet ring Selvaggis 780,000 wire to himself, poor Norton, so deluded i love that guy but man is he ever a sexist in his heart, he cant help it, im going to climb into my ebony bed stepping pastthe vast amount of stupid shit i have tho i did find a pair of anna sui ( from 91) electric blue shoes, and a Gianni grey minidress they paid me alot towear and it appears i have some werd fondness for Valentino.."

And Ed Norton's deluded?

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