Monday, April 20, 2009

A Little of the Old In And Out

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In: Legalization? Welcome to April 20th, or "420" -- as aficionados of the sweet leaf call it -- a day for "reflection" on whether or not in this economy we ought to be spending as much as we do on such a soft drug. Libertarians, progressives and conservatives like Christopher Buckley are "Pro." And, frankly, we don't know anyone who is "Con." From CBSNews:

"On yesterday's episode of Fox's animated sitcom 'Family Guy,' one of the main characters - a dog named Brian - is arrested for possession of marijuana. He subsequently goes on a mission to legalize the drug, at one point earnestly arguing that it is only outlawed because William Randolph Hearst wanted to keep hemp production from hurting his paper interests in the 1930s.

"Yes, the argument was articulated by an animated dog. And yes, the response from one of the other characters was, well, a fart. But still: Last night, a serious argument for marijuana legalization was articulated on a major American cable network during prime time."

Albeit, to be sure, in the form of an animated dog.

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Out: Jamie Foxx. Bad timing. Foxx, who's film "The Soloist" opens Friday, was thrown under the bus by the Howard Stern show regarding his remarks on Miley Cyrus. From

"Howard started off the show taking issue with actor/comedian Jamie Foxx. Howard noted that Jamie went on The Tonight Show last week to apologize for some statements he'd made about Miley Cyrus - and claimed he was just joking around like Howard might: 'I'm the Black Howard Stern.' Howard was miffed: 'It was really weird to me because then it morphs into what Howard Stern said.'

"Artie thought Howard should be flattered that an Academy Award-winner chose to make the comparison, but Robin didn't think so: '[Howard] would never say those things about a 16-year-old girl.' Howard agreed: 'I wouldn't talk about Miley Cyrus the same way. I like Jamie - he's a good guy, but I hate being dragged into these controversies...just leave me out of it. I got enough can't be the black Howard Stern until I appoint you.'"

Frankly, we wonder why Foxx wants to have, like four careers going at once. Isn't it enough to be an A-List actor? How about an A-List actor and a singer? Being an A-List actor, a comedian, "the black Howard Stern," and a singer seems to this blogger to be too much for any one person. And this contretemps seems to bear this out.

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