Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alec Baldwin: "The AOL Home Page Makes Us Weekly Look Like Paris Match"

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There are some things one cannot escape and have come to take in stride: Death. Taxes. Alec Baldwin going inappropriately apeshit on someone (The Corsair sips a peppery cognac). The talented but pugnacious 30 Rock star, in this instance, is probably correct. And he is funny, managing to insult three media institutions in the process of clearing his good name with Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman. But as usual, the ham-fisted actor with rage issues brings a bazooka to take care of a little mouse. From Baldwin on Huffington Post:

"The sine qua non to understanding the garbage barge of the internet is the AOL home page. The AOL home page, which makes Us Weekly look like Paris Match, wants its readers to focus on the latest unflattering photos of stars or their DUIs. The AOL home page is where polls rated George W. Bush as one of the ten greatest presidents, even as late as last fall. The AOL home page is where they wrote that I had 'picked a fight' with Maddow and Olberman.

"Perhaps this comes as no surprise, but there are never, ever any names that appear as authors of the monstrously boring and mind-numbing content on the home page of this popular server. Never. Ever. AOL just keeps churning out all of that trash on their digital welcome mat, and you never find out who is responsible."

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