Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yoko Ono: "Short Legs Work Very Well For Me"

(image via creativeloafing)

Have you been reading Yoko Ono's Tweets? Many are downright twartistic, but others are downright personal, like this one on Imaginepeace via a Tweet:

"25 Things Even My Best Friends Didn’t Know Until Now
by Yoko Ono

" .. I have rather short legs to match my short height. I love that.
The fact that they’re short makes them easier to go around with. Can
you imagine if I had long legs? They might go in different directions
from each other, or something. Then what would I do? Short legs work
very well for me."

To read the other 24 things Yoko's best friends didn’t know until now, here.

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