Monday, April 06, 2009

Should John McLaughlin Retire?

(image via eskie)

82-year old television host John McLaughlin appeared particularly off his political game this week. He stumbled, mistaking The Economist for an FT magazine to a puzzled-looking FT editor and panelist Chrystia Freeland. And there were many other verbal missteps, gaffes and woozy stumbles on the half-hour McLaughlin Group, which launched in 1982.

As someone who has watched the show off and on -- attending college was the biggest viewing interruption -- for the better part of 20 years (we remember Jack Germond), McLaughlin seemed completely thrown. Granted, anyone can have an off day. And, at 82 the man is perfectly entitled to a benign senior moment of two. But on the show this week the former Jesuit priest seemed what can only be properly construed as "confused." Should the political host throw in the towel? Is it time for the former Nixon speechwriter to enjoy the fruits of his Oliver production company and pass the reins to someone else more lucid?

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