Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Heche-tile IS on the Make

Clearly, our favorite reptilian cracktress Anne Heche, AKA "Celestia," is back in heat, as cold-blooded climbers -- Steve Martin, Ellen DeGeneres -- of her particular species often are when the weather warms up and they awake, hungry, from hibernation. The "Heche-tile (tm)" took the opportunity afforded to her by The Tony's to give off her sonorous mating call. From those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"IT seems Anne Heche's messy divorce from Coleman Laffoon is driving her to seek the company of women. On Saturday night, Heche was spotted 'getting very cozy' with club promoter Voula Duval at the Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose Bar. Then, Sunday night, Heche was spotted flirting with 'Six Degrees' star Shiri Appleby, 28, at a Tony Awards after-party at Bryant Park Hotel."

And that's not all. From Gatecrasher:

"Anne Heche was her kooky self during the Rockefeller Center after-party. Holding a glass of white wine, she draped herself over nominee Ethan Hawke, telling him he 'deserved to win.' A slightly nonplussed Hawke made a hasty getaway, at which point Heche turned and threw her arm around the man on her other side."

Elaborate reptilian courting rituals be damned! This was sound retreat by Ethan as every serious student of celebrity ecosystems knows that a Heche-tile could easily devour a Hawke in single sitting. (Gatecrasher) (PageSix)

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