Wednesday, June 27, 2007


That Michael Madsen -- the C-list brother of Virginia Madsen -- has sadomasochistic tendencies is a given ("Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?"). He's Old School like that. But this weekend's NYTimes article on Asia Argento -- also, we cannot fail to note, clearly damaged goods -- brings it all home. From Dennis Lim:

"Mr. Assayas, who wrote 'Boarding Gate' especially for Ms. Argento, said he had been impressed with her unpretentious openness. 'She doesn’t distinguish between high and low art,' he said. 'When she acts, it’s an amazing combination of pure instinct and virtuoso technique.'

"Both of those qualities are on full display in the talky sequences that she and Mr. Madsen partly improvised. These long bouts of kinky one-upmanship got so extreme that she sometimes left the set in tears. In one particularly intense scene, 'he bit me,' she said, providing unprintable specifics about where and how."

Silly little freak! You'll remember Madsen, way back in July 2004, chatting up the wild times on the set of Kill Bill 2. From something called Independent Film Quarterly:

"Michael Madsen: I don't know if we had wild times. We had good times. Quentin likes to laugh a lot. He's a great laugh. Like the night we did the syringe shot in the butt. I'd never seen so many volunteers in my whole life! Every single woman on that set wanted to be the inserted ass. They were lined up and one by one they'd lay down and I'd shoot them in the ass. (It's for the scene where Michael's character shoots Uma's character in the butt before he buries her alive in a coffin)."

Silly little freak!

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