Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Media-Whore's D'Oevres


(image via newyorksocialdiary)

"Senator Chuck Schumer was one of the many people who stopped by to sit shiva for the gossip columnist and television reporter Claudia Cohen at Ron Perelman’s townhouse on East 63rd Street on Monday, June 18 ... She was eulogized by designer Calvin Klein, who told of how when the late Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell went to prison for a year, Ms. Cohen was the only one who sent Mr. Rubell a letter each day. Vanity Fair writer Bob Colacello spoke of how intensely Ms. Cohen was planning a Fourth of July party at her beachfront manse in East Hampton. She would labor for months over the seating arrangements, he told The Transom on the phone: 'It was like a mix of governors, mayors, artists, writers and journalists. She always liked to have at least one guest who was controversial. One year she had Victoria Gotti, another year it was Paris Hilton, another it was Martha Stewart, last year the guest was Star Jones.” (Observer)

"Their joint appearance in Manhattan tonight was a bit of a puzzlement for us political reporters. (Hillary) Clinton interviewed Warren Buffett, largely read questions submitted from the audience, and as he played a kind of folk Rawls, she nodded. And nodded. And nodded. She must have nodded -- according to my informal reporters' poll -- 700 times. She also raised more than $1 million at the dinner preceding the interview, which was packed with Wall Street elites." (Ben Smith via Politico)

"We went to three fundraisers this past Saturday night. The season has begun. And the guest list at each one will be long every single Friday and Saturday night until Labor Day. There’s a whole army of us who try to go to as many as we can ..There is more than $20 million to be raised for charity at fundraisers and parties in the Hamptons this summer." (DansHamptons)

"On 'Meet the Press' this Sunday, Mr. Broder, the supposed 'dean' of the Washington press corps, demonstrated that on at least one topic he’s well ahead of his fellow journalists. At issue was Michael Bloomberg’s potential presidential candidacy and as his fellow panelists, PBS’s Gwen Ifill, The Wall Street Journal’s John Harwood and Roger Simon of The Politico, took turns expounding on The 646 Reasons Why An Independent Can Never Be Elected, Mr. Broder jumped in. 'You guys are much too dismissive,' he told them. Mr. Broder then argued that an independent 'absolutely' can win the presidency in 2008 because both parties are fatally tainted – the Republicans by their association with President Bush and the Democrats by their stewardship of Congress – thus creating a gaping opening for a credible third candidate in the middle." (Observer)

"For the month of July, starting June 30, Project GreenHouse will host a series of exclusive dinners and parties to benefit environmental charties like RiverKeeper, The Rainforest Foundation, FEED Bags, and a très privé affair hosted by model and eco-chicette, Summer Rayne Oakes. Guests like Lauren Bush, Lorraine Bracco, Christie Brinkley, Kevin Bacon, and Martha Stewart will enjoy tours of the house, the opportunity to chat with environmental experts, and food direct from the farm, prepared by a local in-house chef. " (Fashionweekdaily)

"A senior Republican’s sharp criticism of President Bush’s handling of the Iraq war has emboldened anti-war activists, who are planning to ratchet up pressure on the Senate to take a more hard-line approach during the debate next month over defense authorization legislation. Six-term Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), the ranking member and former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a floor speech Monday night that the troop surge Bush announced in January has not shown signs of success, and that the White House should immediately begin a process to withdraw troops from Iraq. 'In my judgment, our course in Iraq has lost contact with our vital national security interests in the Middle East and beyond,' Lugar said on the floor." (TheHill)

"Meanwhile, MARC JACOBS's on-again-off-again beau, JASON PRESTON, wants to be inserted back into HX. Unflappable editor BRANDON VOSS got two messages in a row from Preston declaring that he and Jacobs would love a cover story to announce that they're supposedly not only reunited but totally clean. Instead, Voss offered Preston the chance to write something short about "how to snag a rich and famous boyfriend," but he tastefully declined ..." (Michael Musto in VillageVoice)

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