Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Spike Lee To Direct Stage Version of Stalag 17

Any day now the apocalypse will occur. How else are we to interpret forbidding events. Jean-Paul Gaultier, clothier-baker, gets rewarded as a "superstar" for his inane designs of no value but shock value; Woody Allen does Opera; now -- this? Actually, Woody doing Opera is not too far fetched -- and directors do need a challenge. Likewise to Spike Lee's challenging himself to do a stage production. From The NYTimes:

"The first revival of “Stalag 17,” the 1951 comedy-drama about American prisoners of war written by two former P.O.W.’s, Donald Bevan and Edmund Trzcinski, is scheduled to arrive on Broadway in late spring next year. And in one of the more surprising combinations in recent Broadway history, the director of the new production will be Spike Lee.

"Yes, that Spike Lee.

"Although he has never worked in the theater and couldn’t recall the last play he attended, Mr. Lee, in an interview this week, said the idea of doing stage work was not completely foreign to him. For years, he said, his wife had been pressing him to direct a stage adaptation of his film 'Do the Right Thing,' while Woodie King Jr., founder of the New Federal Theater, urged him to create a stage version of his early film 'She’s Gotta Have It.' But Mr. Lee wasn’t interested."

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