Friday, April 03, 2009

Richard Belzer: "Glenn Beck Should Be Locked Up"

Richard Belzer welcomed Ed Schultz to NYC and the NBC family on his radio show this afternoon. The actor and amateur conspiracy-theorist admitted to the MSNBC-bound talker that he listened to him on Air America in his trailer as NBC's "Law and Order" is being shot. Schultz and the Belz talked briefly about getting settled in the media capital of the world. "Maybe next week I'll take you out to dinner. I listen almost every day," the Belz said by way of invitation. Eddie replied, "I'm honored." And, as Belz was signing off, Ed said, "I look forward to meeting you next week."

"Call me when you gett settled," replied Belzer.

Is "Big Eddie" getting all showbiz already?


-- Belzer on Glenn Beck: "Glenn Beck should be shot with a tranquilizer dart and locked up."

-- Belzer's advice on the MSNBC show: "I think the right wing is saying we really have to bring this guy down ... it's scary that this is their playbook and we have to watch out."

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