Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Zakaria: I Am Grateful To Introduce A Cast Of Characters To Americans

Today CNN's GPS host Fareed Zakaria spoke with Bloomberg's Tom Keene. The subject was the show, his book The Post-American World (now out in paperback), and the present political situation.

Speaking on CNN's GPS, Zakaria told Tom Keane: "It's allowed me to bring to America all these people who have never been seen or heard ... I had the President of Brazil, who I don't think has done an interview (on American TV)." Zakaria told Tom Keane of Bloomberg that he is thankful "to be able to introduce a cast of characters to Americans." Some of the people he has interviewed on GPS include: SecDef Bill Gates
(last week), Colin Powell, Hamid Gul, founder of Pakistan's ISI, George Soros, Singapore's legendary former PM Lee Hsien Loong, Jordan's Queen Rania, Al Gore, Henry Kissinger, The Quartet's Middle East pointman Tony Blair, Robert Rubin, Niall Ferguson and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao -- to name a few.

"I think we need a really sustained effort to show that there is more to America (than cruise missiles and Baywatch)," he spoke about Obama's approach to foreign policy. "We need to be more humble ... one of the things Bob gates said to me .. in 40 years, the one chief message I get is the limits of American power ... people do want Americans to listen."

Keane asked Zakaria if he is Kissingerian (Zakaria studied under Kissinger at Harvard). "Kissinger means many things to many people, to some people Kissinger means the bombing of Cambodia .. (but he recognized) that other countries have legitimate interests." And that we need to listen to them.

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