Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Little Of The Old In And Out

(image via rollingstone)

In: Bob Dylan. The Minnestota timberwolf still has some howl left in him. Dylan, arguably the most influential American musician of the 20th Century, has released his latest album. Doug Brinkley, the noted historian and Rice University professor interviews Dylan on the cover of Rolling Stone (where he gets a 4 star review). The subjects range from the laziness of Picasso (Dylan is an accomplished painter) to the trajectory of American history at Empire's end.

His album topped the Billboard charts last week for the fifth time in his career. According to Nielsen SoundScan Together Through Life hit No. 1 with 125,000 copies sold. And the reviews are pretty positive. Check out "Beyond here Lies Nothin" on Bob Dylan's MySpace (yes, Bob Dylan does MySpace)

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