Friday, May 08, 2009

Sacha Cohen Suffers Ass-Bleaching Incident

In order to fully commit to his role as a gay fashionista Sacha Baron Cohen felt the need to groom his body hair. With bleach. Hilarity ensues. From Thisislondon:

"Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen could not sit down for three days after an accident while bleaching all his body hair, it was reported today.

"He was said to have come out in a burning rash after suffering an allergic reaction to the chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide. The incident happened while he was filming Bruno, a 'mockumentary' about a camp fashion reporter.

"A source said: 'Sacha is committed to as much realism as he can muster in his film.'"

Such a commitment to his craft should be applauded with -- no pun intended -- a standing ovation. The full, cringeworthy details here.

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