Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phil Spector Wanted To keep His Wig In Jail

How does celebrity hair manage in prison? Would Michael Jackson's perm metamorph into au natural? The vicissitudes of celebrity hair on lockdown is a question periodically arises when a celebrity -- often from the high-maintenance music industry -- finds themself on the wrong side of "Johnny Law." From Takimag:

"I can’t remember having spent a more pleasant two months than these past two. New York has been marvellous, the weather good, the training just about perfect, the boozing satisfactory. Lunching with my friend Dominic Dunne, the writer, and Chris Meigher, the publisher, I was informed by DD, who not only covered the trial, but knows more about this vile person’s background than anyone else, that Phil Spector ain’t doing too well in the pokey. It seems that Spector asked the warders to allow him to keep his wig while he’s awaiting his appeal to come through. (He owns about 30 of them, and changed them throughout his trial.) The jailers said no, and for obvious reasons. A wig is a perfect place to hide drugs, something Spector is synonymous with. He then appealed for permission to wear a hat, and was again turned down. That’s when he suddenly discovered religion."

And here we thought he Jewfro was eccentric. Apparently it was also artificial (Unless, of course, you subscribe to the 'I-bought-it-therefore-it's-real' school of thought).

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