Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How To Yacht Party Like A Tech Geek

(Paul Allen party via LATimes)

Microsoft co-founder and tech billionaire Paul Allen's yacht party in Cannes on the infamous "Octopus" -- how positively squidly -- was not an easy crash. Some monied leisurites turn partying into an art form, Allen is turning it into another form of technology. According to WWDb:

"Once past the door sentries, most parties prove disappointing - even tacky. For all its glamorous reputation, Cannes equals kitsch-ville on many levels (think: sax players tooting live over techno in neon-lit clubs). The best events are those that precious few know about, and even the most expert gatecrashers can forget attempting entry.

"One uninvited guest who managed to slip his way into the Chopard Trophy party VIP lounge at Le Baoli admitted it was his second choice after failing to crash billionaire Paul Allen's yacht party. 'They actually had face scans and were scanning the barcode on people's tickets, then destroying them,' he said incredulously."

What next: drink implants?

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