Friday, May 22, 2009

Jamie Foxx And Kirstie Alley?

This caught this intrepid bloggers attention. From IMDB:

"Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has been tempted by former Cheers star Kirstie Alley's offer of romance - because he likes big women.

"The actress recently revealed a longtime crush on the Ray star, telling America's People magazine she wanted a 'booty call' from the actor/singer, and Foxx admits Alley does meet his criteria of ideal women.

"He says, 'I do like them thick (big)... (and) she is thick.'"

Okay, there are several things really wrong about this "story." One, the writer seems to be something of a pimp, conveying a sexual invitation rather than useful information about, say, nuclear proliferation. What's his cut? Second -- the language. It is, quite frankly, gross. Objection, your honor! Move to strike the use of the adjective "thick" from the record.

We have always felt that the sobriquet "thick" ought to hang languidly between two lovers in coitus and in the privacy of a motel charging decent hourly rates and not tossed aside lightly in the public arena like soiled panties (Averted Gaze).

Third Objection: That the journalist felt the need to run a simultaneous ghetto translator, i.e, "thick (big)." If the reader can't understand ..

Resolution: The former Cheers star responded via tweet: "Foxx and I have had a running booty admiration for over ten years. We like to tease via the media..Shag not porn.jeez."

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