Friday, May 22, 2009

The Passing of the Enfant Terrible Torch

The enfant terrible mantle is a proud part of the pop culture of the West. A youngish Aaron Burr busted a cap in Alexander Hamilton's ass in what was then known as the Weehawk-izzle. Before that there was Lord Byron, whose name has since become a verb, epater-ing the bourgeoisie. That mantle, in the West, has been passed down, through the ages, to include the likes of Norman Mailer, Jay MacInerney, Madonna, Bijou Phillips, Britney and, at present -- and what does this say about America's precipitous decline -- Paris Goddam Hilton.

(" an exchange of life forces," via virginmedia)

And like her predecessors, Paris' job is to be an outrageous, pretty, obnoxious distraction until she wears out her welcome (Burr was arrested in 1807 and brought to trial on charges of treason). We are now, to be sure, all tired of Paris.

Peaches Geldof, always at the periphery, operating at the margins of propriety, has finally come of age. We look forward to chronicling the next few years of sexual licentiousness, booze and obnoxiousness that being . Here's to you, kid.

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