Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Natalie Dylan's Virginity Is Still For Sale

"Natalie Dylan" was the pseudonym of the Sacramento State graduate who wanted to sell her virginity for graduate school tuition. Ironically, her undergraduate major was women's studies and her graduate course of study is to be family and marriage therapy(!). When last we left that story, Dylan had received a $3.7 million bid from a rich and, no doubt, profoundly sleazy businessman. The follow-up; from From PRNewswire via FoxBusinessNews:

"After Natalie Dylan's recent interview with George Rush from the NY Daily News and her appearance on the Howard Stern Show; Natalie has announced that her Australian businessman has forfeited his deposit toward the purchase of her virginity. The Australian was one of thousands of bids. He had committed a non refundable $250,000 deposit toward his 3.7 million dollar purchase, in which he and Natalie would meet at the world famous Moonlite BunnyRanch to fulfill their business transaction.

"Unfortunately for him, he has reconciled with his disgruntled wife after she learned of the future transaction and he will not be Natalie's lucky man. Therefore, Natalie Dylan is back on the market and gladly accepting offers. In addition to her search for the 'right guy,' Natalie is pursuing a book deal, documentary and possible motion picture. Dennis Hof, owner of the BunnyRanch stated, 'Natalie is dying to put this thing to bed so she can move on with her scholastic studies and life in general.'"

Question: the deposit -- minus, to be sure, pimp Hoff's cut -- is enough to finance graduate school. So why is Dylan persisting in selling her body? The Corsair asked Bunny Ranch proprietor Hof via email, and he responded, "She has a book documentary and movie that needs an ending."

A happy ending, we imagine.

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Anonymous said...

If you attend FULL TIME, your tuition is usually paid by the college and you will receive STIPENDS for your study. Graduate Students aren't undergraduate, and plus if you have financial need and with a 3.0 GPA, you will receive a lot of financial aid and scholarship/fellowships! Her reason for selling her virginity is very suspicious.