Monday, May 18, 2009

BREAKING: Bill Maher Gets Republicans On "Real Time"

The politically incorrect Bill Maher has been having trouble getting Republicans to appear on his HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher." That may explain why he went out of his way to appear even-handed to his conservative guests this week, Richard Brookhiser and Amy Holmes. Brookhiser and Holmes, a former Real Time correspondent, took up 2 of the 3 panelist positions. Brookhiser, an editor at National Review recounted his experiences taking medical marijuana while recovering from chemotherapy. Last week, a particularly bad week for Real Time and equal representation, only 2 guests showed up on the panel -- both liberals: Ron Howard and Reza Aslan. So we can understand the almost pained efforts at good behavior taken by the usually scathing Maher.

At one point in this week's show Maher shushed the audience after they started applauding raucously at something Dan Savage, another panelist, said. "Let's not applaud whenever a liberal says something," Maher said.

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