Monday, May 11, 2009

Former Governor Charlie Crist Is Running For The Senate

Perma-tanned and allegedly gay former Governor of the sunshine state Charlie Crist is running for Governor of Florida. Crist, whose hue is located midway between vermilion and yellow ochre on the Visible-Color Spectrum, endorsed McCain at the last minute in the Florida primary, "unsettling" Rudy Giuliani's knuckleheaded supporters, who thought they had locked that one up (cheers for Crist). From the Pensacola News Journal:

"'I think Charlie Crist will be the next U.S. Senator,' state GOP Chairman Jim Greer said in an interview Sunday night.

"'There is a conversation going on in Washington about how to solve the challenges and problems that Floridians are facing, and I believe Charlie Crist recognizes that if he's going to be part of that conversation -- if he's going to be able to provide leadership in solving those problems for people -- he's got to be in Washington and he's got to be part of that conversation,' Greer said.

"For several months, Crist has refused to say whether he would seek re-election or run for the Senate, insisting that he was solely 'focused on Florida' through the legislative session."

Florida, we cannot fail to note, has been a do-or-die swing state since the 2000 election debacle. In 2004, Bush beat Kerry in Florida 52.1% to 47.1%; President Obama beat Senator McCain in 2008 50.9% to 48.4%. Curiously, Terry McAuliffe, Clinton loyalist, is running for Governor of another do-or-die swing state -- Virginia.

Are the players and powerbrokers of 2012 assembling on the grand chessboard?

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