Thursday, May 28, 2009

So You Want To Be A Zombie?

"Paramedic #1 : You have no pulse, your blood pressure's zero-over-zero, you have no pupillary response, no reflexes and your temperature is 70 degrees.
Freddy : Well, what does that mean?
Paramedic #1 : Well, it's a puzzle because, technically, you're not alive. Except you're conscious, so we don't know what it means.
Freddy : Are you saying we're dead?
Paramedic #2 : Well, let's not jump to conclusions.
Freddy : Are you saying we're dead?
Paramedic #2 : No conclusions.
Paramedic #1 : Obviously I didn't mean you were really dead. Dead people don't move around and talk."
Return of the Living Dead

Zombies are the new black. As The West collapses under the weight of its own imperial hubris and thumoeideutic excess, the unded feast! Zombie banks walk among us; there is an emerging zombie literary genre; Rob Zombie. Hello? The Spenglerian decline presently unfolding will provide plenty of fresh carrion for the zombies to gnaw on.

The producers of the upcoming film Isle of the Dead are looking for 800 extras in NYC to play a zombie army for a scene in the film. RSVP to be a zombie on June 7th at Governors Island in NYC. Just send us your name and show up to the Governors Island ferry terminal at 11:45 am. RSVP by June 1st. I'm pretty sure you get the gig if you show up early.

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