Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Saturday Night Live Season's Finale Afterparty

This blogger has a pet theory. The reason why there were so many celebrities on the season's finale of SNL was that they all wanted to go to the afterparty. It was a scene. NYMag.com notes, "Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway, Norm MacDonald, Green Day, Elisabeth Moss, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Artie Lange." This was admittedly an incredibly relevant season that included the 2008 election, Fey's Palin, Poehler's Moose song and Justin Timberlake's hymn to Cougars. One could see why celebrities that have nothing to do with the season would want a piece -- would want to be a part of an industry scene like that, if only to say they were there. Artie Lange on the Howard Stern show talked a little bit about the event (And just what was he doing there?). His sobriety may account for the fact that no one else in attendance seems to have spoken or written about the event. From Howardstern.com/rundown:

"Artie announced that he may have made sketch television history Saturday night by appearing in both the season finale of SNL and the series finale of Mad TV. Artie said the SNL appearance happened spontaneously after Marci Klein ('Calvin Klein's insanely sexy daughter' and a producer on SNL) saw him hanging with Norm MacDonald backstage and demanded he appear on stage with Norm during the season's final sketch.

"On stage during the traditional SNL 'goodbye' segment, Lorne Michaels shook Artie's hand. Artie apologized for rushing the show but Lorne brushed it off, saying it was alright. Later, Artie borrowed Craig Gass' girlfriend’s cellphone to call his 25-year-old lady friend: Gass was like, 'Are you gonna give this back?' Artie said he actually had to stay at the party until 5:30am because he couldn't find Craig: "We ended up leaving the party at 5:30 and getting home at 6 and grabbing breakfast. It was like the old days but sober."

Saturday Night Live's season ender matched the show's year-ago closer "to equal its best overnight rating for a season finale in four years," notes The Seattle Post Intellegencer. More here.

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