Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Leonard Nimoy Rocks Fantastic Fest

We are not Trekkies. But we appreciate in the abstract their geekish enthusiasm of science and things science and math-related. Apparently last night at something called "Fantastic Fest" in Austin, TX, a bunch of geeks -- I mean "avids" -- gathered to watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on the big screen. J.J. Abrams, writer of the new Star Trek movie, Karrie League and Aintitcool's Harry Knowles were in attendance. Then, a surprise. From Originalalamo:

"The opening credits of KHAN played out on the screen, and the audience was already psyched. As you can see in the video, most of us hadn’t had the opportunity to see that film on the big screen EVER, and watching it in that room, with the screen writers of the new movie, already felt amazing.

"In the very opening scene, though, something started to look off. The print we had was really bad, with long green lines and scratches through the whole thing. Before we’d made it more than ten lines into the dialogue, the scratches consumed the film, the picture got warped, and the film itself caught fire like the engine room of the Entrerprise.

"'Stall for time!' Tim yelled out, as he handed the screen writers microphones. 'I’m gonna run up to the booth and try to fix this mess…” He ran out of the theater and down the hall (a sight those of us at the Alamo have seen many, many times), and the writers were left to fend for themselves and tried to do an impromptu Q & A - but only for a short while:

"LEONARD NIMOY! SPOCK HIMSELF! IN OUR THEATER!!!! There were high fives being passed from people that were sitting three rows apart.

"We didn’t have a chance for a full on Q & A after the movie, but our special guests did come back up on the stage one more time to say Live Long and Prosper."

You have to appreciate the geek enthusiasm and all caps at the mention of Nimoy. More here.

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