Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bonnie Fuller "Twectures" Jen Aniston

(image via nymag)

Bonnie Fuller reinvention 3.0 project involves, among other projects, Twecturing Jennifer Aniston, who seems to make the most unfortunate (and public) partner choices. From Twitter:

"ohn Mayer: OMG you are such an attention addict. Now you've got a 'Jen song' & you're tellg world she's not over BP ...That was John Mayer & gee Jen, we all told you so- we warned you he was a user. A kiss & teller. Jen, time to find a non-famous nice guy."

Are we the only ones who kind of find Fuller's maternal, mama-bear twecturing of young celebrities(and Michelle O, in defense ofs ..) kind of cute?

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