Monday, October 17, 2005

Will JLo Perform at the Athina Onassis Roussel Wedding?


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According to our favorite social chronicler, David Patrick Columbia -- a man who misses nothing noteworthy at these events -- at NYSocialDiary:

"Everyone at (Zozo de Ravenel, the Marquise de Ravenel's) party was talking about the coming 'Wedding of the Year' � that of Athina Onassis Roussel and Alvaro Alfonso de Miranda Neto who will marry on December 3 in Sao Paolo just six weeks before the Greek shipping heiress turns 21. It is said that there will be 750 guests, a small Catholic ceremony followed by a glittering reception. Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez (in other words, J-Lo) has been asked to perform at the reception for an incredible fee (incredible to you and me but not to little Athina)."


Zozo de Ravenel and Dodie Rosekranz (image via JK at Nysocialdiary)

It would, though, sort of be a social demotion, no? One generally thinks of the 70s superband "Chicago" (Averted Gaze) when the subject of booked private performances comes up. Then again, this is not quite the traditional Catholic Confirmation party, a corporate event or a Bar Mitzvah, but the Wedding of the Year -- possibly decade.


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Still, It is hard to imagine that the moviestar ("Gigli" notwithstanding), scriptwriter, "Sweetface" fashion designer and music industry heavyweight doing a private ceremony for cash -- no matter how great the amount.


its me said...

OH MY GOD. I can't believe Athina is actually going thru with it!!!!!!! =- Casey

Ron said...

I didn't think so either, but its on like Gray Pouon.

gabsmash said...

Turning 21, getting married-isn't she also fighting for control over her family's billions? Nice list.