Thursday, October 20, 2005

Zorro Brought Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas Together


"'He hounded me and followed me.." (image via

The Mask of Zorro brought together former-sex addict Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones even as it brought up The Corsair's boozy lunch the day we saw that lamentable film. (There was no official mention of rubies and sapphires, although we are fairly sure they played a part in Zeta-Jones' final decision). According to Moviehole:

"It�s been almost a decade since a relatively unknown Zeta-Jones lit up the screen in the first Zorro, and she knew the time was right for her to do it again at this juncture of her career. 'I used to bump into Antonio and Martin Campbell, and we began with this conversation: �Let's do another one. Come on. It's so much fun. For me it was not just professionally important but personally important. Michael saw me in the first one and � seduced me,� she recalls, laughingly. 'He hounded me and followed me around the world until he found me. Now look at me now, two kids later ...'"

Ah, the thin line between "manhunting" and wedded bliss. Or, rubies are a girl's best friend.


T.J. said...

Your post is titled with, 'Carmen Zeta Jones'. Not Catherine.

Ron said...

Thank you TJ. Blog Love.

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