Monday, October 03, 2005

Hack to Back Kate


Family, en route to embattled Kate Moss. (image via newsoftheworld)

For those of you who asked us, earnestly, in the comments section (before the unfortunate penis-pump ads proliferated), "What about Jefferson Hack," we now have an answer, it just took a while. According to the extremely downmarket Newsoftheworld:

"Jefferson Hack and little Lila caught a flight from Heathrow to Phoenix, Arizona.
The supermodel is being treated at the �2,250 a day Meadows clinic there following her cocaine shame.

"Jefferson's decision to jet to her side came during an emotional phone call earlier in the week.
A source close to the magazine publisher told the News of the World: 'Jefferson has told us that Kate rang Lila, who was three on Thursday, to wish her happy birthday and it was very emotional.

"'He spoke to Kate too and told her how much he loved her and that they were both coming out to see her. Despite their differences he's really worried about her and has been worried since she started dating Pete Doherty."

Doherty, Thisislondon notes, was held for questioning last night over a drug "misunderstanding."

"'(Jefferson Hack) wants to put all that in the past and just help her get better.'"

Bravo. We're all for Kate Moss getting back on track, off the crack, and converting her at-present "concave ass" back into what Johnny Depp once famously described as "highwater booty." That's a happy ending, or at least good beginning, this influx of family support. It doesn't end there, though. It never does with Newsoftheworld, who cannot fail to note, in passing, quite quixotically:

"Kate and 33-year-old Jefferson met in 2001 when he interviewed her for his trendy fashion magazine Dazed & Confused.

"He famously began the conversation by saying: 'You smell of pee.'"

(A considerable pause) Charmed, we're sure. The full story here. (Newsoftheworld)