Thursday, October 06, 2005

We: Media; Thank you Gloria Pan


(image via we:media)

Big ups to Gloria Pan for a wonderful We: Media conference yesterday (We're sorry we didn't get to meet in the rush of things). The Corsair finally got to met the radiant Farai Chideya, who recently tag teamed with Richard Belzer to put the smug David Frum in his place on Real Time with Bill Maher.

We also met our old pal Jason Calacanis, and relieved the glory days of the Silicon Alley Gold Rush. Neither did I know, all the while we were talking, that Jason is in the process of becoming a very rich man. Congrats, Jason.

Al Gore looked tan and rested as he delivered a passionate if very Old Media keynote in the surpisingly intimate AP headquarters conference room. We are surprised he mentioned so many German philosophers (Too bad Gore didn't answer any questions: he appeared angry enough about the "digital brownshirts" -- i.e. conservative bloggers -- and the state of the nation that he just may run)

We finally met the awesometastic Nichelle; we met Susan Mernit, whose compliment before the Gawking Media talk made our day (Thanks, Sue! Excuse me for being shy back there); humble blogebrity Dan Gilmor ("I'm Dan") and a whole lot of other people, probably too many to name here.

Cheers to Gloria Pan, who made it all happen.

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