Thursday, October 30, 2008

Paul Mooney: Barbara Walters Has A "Preference For Brothers"

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Comedian Paul Mooney was a writer on the old Richard Pryor Show. He hung out with the legendary comedian, the two shared confidences. One of those confidences, which Mooney recently shared on the Howard Stern Show, was that Richard Pryor had a fling with studious control-freak Barbara Walters (Mooney said that "(Richard) told him not to talk about the Walters affair until he was gone)."

For some reason Walters is furiously denying this fling. So it comes down to Paul Mooneys word-versus-Barbara Walters' word (Um, we'll go with Mooney on this one). Why? Pryor is considered the greatest comedian that ever lived. Women generally like guys who make them laugh. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, image-wise, Ms. Walters.

Walters -- and this is pure speculation on The Corsair's part -- tends to associate with U.S. Senators and billionaire captains of industry, and it is not inconceivable that a romantic link with a former coke-head comedian with MS might not fit her pompous self-image. Mooney continues to counter Walters' denials about the liaison with Pryor on the Howard Stern Show. From HowardStern:

"Paul Mooney referenced the time he told the show that Barbara Walters had slept with Richard Pryor, saying her latest book (in which she confessed to an affair with another black man, former US Senator Edward Brooke) proved her preference for 'brothers.'"

Somewhere Barbara Walters is probably hurling furniture and smashing windows wishing Paul Mooney would just go away ..

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