Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Senator Casey: Whoever Wins Pennsylvania Wins The Presidency

(image via theelectoralmap)

Senator Bob Casey is enjoying a second wind. After endorsing Senator Obama in the Democratic primary, he was disappointed when his political nemesis Governor Ed Rendell's gritty machine helped Senator Clinton score a double digit victory in the state. Obama, ultimately, won the nomination, but the perception of Casey's weakness in Pennsylvania will endure.

But the growing importance of Pennsylvania on the electoral map is breathing new life into Casey's political corpse. "Whoever wins Pennsylvania will win the Presidential map this year," the Senator told The Ed Schultz Show this afternoon. And regarding the polls which show Obama with a double digit lead, Casey is more measured. "I don't think it will be (a ten point margin), but I think we'll win the state."

The gritty Governor Ed Rendell, not to be outdone, quipped on the show later, "(McCain and Palin have) been here so often I'm thinking of charging them income tax ... it would be good for our economy"

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