Thursday, October 30, 2008

Michael Jackson Surfaces For Halloween (How Fitting!)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Michael Jackson, where the time is, as always, stuck at Arrested Development. Halloween, in Michael Jackson Time, is half past forestalled childhood. Life is only limited by the imagination of a Rodeo Drive plastic surgeons scalpel. The routine in this dream-like world involves "sleepovers," "Jesus Juices," one tricky monkey, personal magicians, hush monies, sham marriages and perpetual holidays (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). It's a small world after all!

Was ancient Rome, we wonder, ever this profoundly decadent? From Thisislondon:

"Michael Jackson kitted out his children in Halloween masks while shopping for trick-or-treat goodies - but decided he didn't need one himself.

"The singer took his three children out in Los Angeles last night, with Michael Joseph, 11, in a V For Vendetta mask, 10-year-old Paris wearing one of turquoise blue and Prince Michael, six, in a Scream mask. After stopping at a friend's house in Bel Air for dinner, Jackson took his children, whose faces he always covers in public because of kidnap fears, to a party store for Halloween decorations."

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