Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tina Brown: "I've Finally Found A Medium That's Commensurate To My Impatience"

(image via michellerafter)

Tina Brown, Lady Evans, was on On Point with Andrew Sullivan and Columbia Journalism Dean Nick Lehmann on the subject "Can Bloggers Save Journalism." The founder and editor in chief of The Daily Beast said of old school journalism, "somehow reporting will find its way online and will be financed .. there may need to be a new financial structure." Brown, who has edited many a reporter seemed deeply sympathetic that that form of journalism may simply not translate into the blogosphere, and that vocation could be lost.

And on the subject of her famous wanderlust, quipped, "I've finally found a medium commensurate to my impatience."

Finally, on the old school journos who are probably dispirited right about now at cost-cutting (and foldings) at print publications across the board, "we need to keep after those news sources that have those kinds of finances and not let them off the hook."

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